Community is essential to human happiness.

Through the sharing of philosophies, interests, disciplines, etc., one can develop a deeper understanding of purpose. The gathering of people into communities reflects the deeper tides of connectivity and unity that is shared between the universal community.With the origin of all experience based within each unique individual there is also an innate desire for belonging. Individuals need know that they are a part of humanity.  This is a need of identification.  It is only satisfied by the discovery of community while providing greater happiness and contentment.

The human desire for a greater community comes from the understanding of self into the appreciation of self in relation to others.  We begin with awareness of the individual.  We grow to recognize community.  If we react with fear…fear of being isolated or rejected…or if we are actually rejected, the result is a loss of self.  If we react with openness…accepting and identifying with the community…the result is a deeper understanding of self in relation to humanity.  The result is Realization. Awareness. Happiness.



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